Flash, Evites and Enewsletters


East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority
Interactive Map

West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority
Interactive Map

DFCU Financial Screensaver

This link takes you the actual website where the Flash is being used as an interactive tool to help potential customers undertand how this technology can improve their boating experience.

RustProof Ministry
This animation introduces you to a dynamic
sub-section of the NRC website.

T.H. Marsh Profiles
T.H. Marsh construction wanted to showcase their employees on their website. Take a look at the fun and informative solution.

The Gift
This was done strictly for fun. There is a touching
back story that goes with it – but you will have to ask me about it to find out what it is.

Tokico Presentation – begin
This animation was created as an opening to a PowerPoint presentation.

Tokico Presentation – end
This plays at the end of the PPT presentation.


Leaders Without Borders Regional eVite

WSU and Next Energy eVite


DFCU Financial eNewsletter

Kearns Brothers eNewsletter

Flash Banner Ads

DMC Web Ad

DMC Ads for Emery King’s Video Library:
(There were many of these ads – here are a few.)

– Spinal Surgery

– Hyperbaric 02 Chamber

– Liposelection Cosmetic Surgery

DMC “29 Minutes” Home page ad

Capital Campaigns

WSU wanted to use animation and music to make an impression while asking alumni to make a gift or pledge to the university:

Wayne State University Annual Fund

Wayne State University College of Nursing

Wayne State University Honors Program

Wayne State University College of Nursing Evite

Want More?

Want to see more Flash? The samples below are getting a little long in the tooth – but they are still effective:

Easter 2003
NorthRidge Church wanted an attention grabber
on their homepage about an upcoming event.

Fortune Tree
The design studio I work for sent this out as
a holiday greating.

John Bernard Tax Solutions
Opener for a website.

Six Sigma Message
Fun little opener to an eLearning site.