I designed and built my first website for a client in the late 90s – much has changed, of course, but the one constant has been for a site to accurately reflect an organization's goals, objectives and identity.

Much of the work graphic designers do these days is online related. Below are links to a sampling of websites that I have designed and/or maintain. Whether you want a simple web presence on a limited budget or a highly interactive site with a robust budget – everyone needs a website. Some of these samples are updated weekly, some annually, and some the client maintains (with just occasional help from me).

Whether an existing theme is appropriate or a custom built site is necessary, I recommend WordPress be used to all my clients.

Social Media

I help most of the businesses and organizations that you will find on this website use social media to connect with their customers. The graphic may be a variation of another design piece or it may be exclusively created for a newsletter, a Facebook ad or campaign, a website slider, or all of the above.